Choreography/performance: Christin Taul, Joanna Kalm, Rūta Pakalne, Madli Paves
Movement direction: Leif Firnhaber
DJ/sound design: Triin Niinemets
Scenography: Adele Robam
Light design: Karolin Tamm
Co-production: Estonian Dance Agency


Ģertrūdes ielas teātris

We question the essence and usefulness of the reality that is being created. How does the individual relate to a bigger network and vice versa? How independent or dependent is dance in relation to us and the world? What kind of dance do we dream of and why? What does our dance in itself refer to?

Following the sweet notes and grounding beats of music, we step into an ever-changing, undulant, emptying and replenishing space – the green house of contemporary dances, where dreams can sprout, materialise and dissolve. What does a barely touching duet speak of? How can we observe the invisible dance? Allowing ambiguity in thought and venturing into a playground of illusions, we find ourselves on an island of possibilities, where dance can be seen and heard as it is; where bodies create a landscape for the burning wishes, that cannot be explained with words, to arise. The floor is free for soft co-existence and keen self-observation.

Dream dancers Christin Taul, Joanna Kalm, Rūta Ronja Pakalne and Madli Paves came together during the residency programme of TantsuRUUM (Estonian Dance Agency). THE PROCESS OF UNCLENCHING A FIST is the result of dancing and dreaming together. A process that initiated from the wish to give dance the chance to become reality, regardless of the shortage of words, blurriness of ideas or the absence of clear reasons. The performance can be seen as the result of the continuous sharing of practises between four dance artists, who attempt to mirror the contemporary human – trusting, however, that the body echoes more than can be attributed to our mere selves.

Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Ģertrūdes Street Theatre, The Latvian Association of Choreographers, Dance school Dzirnas, Joon, Café TOPS, Valmiermuiža