Choreography, performance: 
Agate Bankava
Dramaturgy, lights: Andrejs Jarovojs
Music: Kristaps Pētersons
Duration: 50 minutes


Ģertrūdes ielas teātris

“I have been dancing since I was three years old – folk dance at first, then ballet, and finally contemporary dance. Over the years I have received a lot of advice on how to achieve better results. I have drastically forced the arch of my foot and my turnout wrapped myself in plastic wrap, meditated in front of candlelight, invented a middle name for myself, said “yes” to everything, and said “no” to everything. Dance has left both a physical and an emotional mark on me. What does my body think about it all?

“Where are you when I am sleeping” is a personal, at times an ironic conversation with my body about the way in which I live inside my body and the way in which my body lives inside me, and whether I am able to listen to my body. This solo performance is an attempt to let the body speak and to believe in itself once again. It is a self-portrait performance about the things that can no longer be retrieved and the new that has come in place of the old.”

Choreographer Agate Bankava’s work is characterised by an interest in movement as an artistic language in its own right, which she uses to communicate with the spectator as an equal. In 2019 Bankava received the first annual Latvian Dance Award as Best Contemporary Dance Choreographer for her works “Bad”, “Memor”, and “Future Freak”.

Photo: Evija Sedola

Video: Anna Rosalie Uudre

About the performance:
Dejas izrāde “Kur tu esi kad es guļu”” (KŪL, radio NABA, 27.11.2019.)

Inta Balode: “Agate strādā un es arī neguļu. Par Agates Bankavas izrādi “Kur tu esi kad es guļu”” (Dance.lv, 03.12.2019.)

Laura Lapiņa: “Un kā klājas tavai kājai? Par Agates Bankavas izrādi “Kur tu esi kad es guļu”” (Dance.lv, 10.12.2019.)

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The performance was financially supported by State Culture Capital Foundation