LEGIONNAIRES. discussion with fight

Authors: Carl Alm (Finland), Ieva Kauliņa, Kārlis Krūmiņš, Valters Sīlis
Director : Valters Sīlis
Performers: Carl Alm, Kārlis Krūmiņš
Set design: Ieva Kauliņa
Lights:  Māra Jarovoja
PREMIERE on September 14th, 2011
Length: 2 hours


Ģertrūdes ielas teātris

“Performance Legionnaires – one of the most astonishing and intense theatrical experiences lately, a must-see!”Anda Buševica and Tālis Eipurs, Latvian Radio

A quest for balance in the eternal dilemma between rights of individual and society. Isn’t the price we pay for the general good too high? A lively discussion between two young people reveals the tension smouldering underneath – resentment of wrongdoing and deceived trust. But the question remains open – who has been deceived by whom, and why?

Foto: Ģirts Raģelis

The production is performed in English and Latvian, the characters occasionally speak in Swedish, German and Finnish as well.

Winnerof the Latvian Theatre Award Spēlmaņu nakts Season 2011/2012 – Staging of the Latvian author’s work of the Year

Nominationsfor the Latvian Theatre Award Spēlmaņu nakts Season 2011/2012 – Director of the Year and Actor of the Year

Director Valters Sīlis: “The performance begins as a very diplomatic discussion between a Swede and a Latvian, each of them justifying their countries’ positions and decisions, as well as strictly raising objections against the other side’s mistakes and inadequate actions. Yet all the solutions they find have very serious counter-arguments. As the performance gradually evolves, we reveal the emotional world of both of the parties involved, and little by little the polite discussion becomes more physical. A solution can’t be found, only more and more evidence of each party’s not so clean reputation.”

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The performance was financially supported by State Culture Capital Foundationand Riga City Council.