Authors: Houka Bros
Director: Kārlis Krūmiņš
Performed by: Juris Jonelis or Kaspars Aniņš, Artis Drozdovs, Kārlis Krūmiņš, Valters Sīlis


Ģertrūdes ielas teātris

The performance is based on a legend about an Orthodox believer’s thorny path to the truth. In 2005, it’s stage adaptation, and later a play was created by Finnish director Kristian Smeds and his like-minded team, known as Houkka Bros. In 2010, during the first season of Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris, aspiring director Kārlis Krūmiņš used the material for his Master’s thesis. He entrusted the lead role to his friend and course-mate Valters Sīlis. Reconstructing the performance in 2019, new facets of the story are revealed. Keeping the original text and table-performance format, the new production promises to be an interesting journey through time – both for the creators of the performance and the audience, especially those who have seen its first incarnation.