Kārlis Skalbe


Director:  Andrejs Jarovojs
Choreographer:   Agate Bankava
Set design by:  Ieva Kauliņa, Andrejs Jarovojs
Costumes by:  Ieva Veita
Music by:  Mārtiņš Velps and Mārtiņš Zariņš
On stage:  Ilva Centere or Ieva Florence, Anna Nele Āboliņa,  Elīna Avotiņa or Aminata Grieta Diarra, Toms Veličko, Mārtiņš Velps, Oskars Vīksne, Toms Treinis, Mārtiņš Zariņš

Length: 70 minutes

December 11–17, 2016

Ģertrūdes ielas teātris

The performance is based on Latvian classic writer Kārlis Skalbe’s fairtytale How I Sought the Girl of the North.This story is about the worldview of a young person, and it raises questions about humanness, love of freedom, and longing for spiritual fulfilment.

25-year-old Skalbe wrote this tale in a time of change, just before the Revolution of 1905, which altered the course of Western European history. The events spurred by it created the preconditions for the establishment of the Latvian state and other national emancipations, as well as paved the way for the Russian Revolution of 1917. “We can feel a similar apocalyptic atmosphere today, when the war is going on in Ukraine and the streams of refugees from the Middle East are overflowing Europe – we are facing new choices,” the production’s director Andrejs Jarovojs admits. Therefore Sought the Girl of the North is dedicated to the young people who are searching for their rhythm and worldview.

Joy of life and vitality in its most heightened form are the main topics of this performance because they serve as a political act and a counter reaction against inertia and lethargy, prevailing in the Land of Peace and Modestythat Skalbe has described.

Poster: Ieva Vītiņa


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Maija Uzula-Petrovska: “Dejojot ar Ziemeļmeitu” (01.02.2016, Dance.lv)

The performance was financially supported by State Culture Capital Foundation and in cooperation with Latvian Academy of Culture.