Choreography, scenography, costumes: Agate Bankava
Dancers: Ivars Broničs, Taisija Frolova, Modris Opelts
Dramaturg: Anna Zvaigzne
Produced by Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris


Ģertrūdes ielas teātris

“Memor” explores memory as the driving force behind human thought and ability. There are several types of memory – embodied, emotional, intellectual – all of which not only enable people to recall events, but also create limits and obstacles in the path to growth, forgiveness, and transformation. Are these limits a hindrance or are they, perhaps, a safeguard that protects us from being consumed by the sheer volume of knowledge and experience? Choreographer Agate Bankava seeks to answer these questions together with three of her ex-course mates and dancers with vastly differing views and creative expressions – Ivars Broničs, Taisija Frolova un Modris Opelts.

Agate Bankava is one of the most promising contemporary dance artists of her generation. She made a stunning debut on the Latvian contemporary art stage in 2015 with her Bachelor’s thesis “Rauts”, which was nominated as the Accomplishment of the Year in Contemporary Dance at the National Theatre Awards (the 2015/2016 season) and received the main award at the annual Student Theatre Festival. Agate has worked on several theatre productions and collaborated with notable directors such as Andrejs Jarovojs, Elmārs Seņkovs, Māra Ķimele, as well as created the choreography for her own dance productions (solo piece “Membra”, 2017, “Fafabulala”, “Nature Morte”, 2016, “Slikta”, 2017).

Foto, video: Anna Rosalie Uudre

About the performance:

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