that's all we can do

that's all we can do

director: Andrejs Jarovojs
choreographers, dancers: Emīlija Berga, Vladimirs Goršantovs, Ramona Levane, Darja Turčenko
costumes: Sintija Jēkabsone
music: m.a.t.a.d.a.t.a.
sound: Normunds Balodis
produced by: Ģertrūdes ielas teātris
premiere: 30/11/2023

created with the financial support of the State Culture Capital Foundation and Riga City Council.

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128 beats per minute. 4/4 time signature. "that's all we can do" is a spacetime in which the participants re-create the boundaries between themselves and the collective through a repetitive ritual. the dancers move through the space, merging into and out of coherent movement, while the linear time of the performance becomes an infinite tide, in the variations of whose rhythms the dancers lose and regain their individuality.

drawing on the traditions of techno and electronic club culture, "that's all we can do" calls attention to solidarity and inclusive humanity – something we miss so much in our everyday relationships with each other. when the ties that bind the world together are broken, the best I can do is dance and dance with others.

techno emerged in the late 1980s as a response to the difficult social, political and economic conditions that followed the decline of the neoliberal economy. it was uncompromising music, danced to in abandoned warehouses or in clubs with the lights turned off. it was an environment for a political protest movement that fostered a sense of solidarity, belonging and common identity among the participants.

the first decades of the 21st century have begun with a crisis of democracy, irreversible climate change and the largest mass protests in human history. however, mass mobilisation is no longer able to influence the political agenda and bring about the desired change. the last platform through which we can still make our voices heard is the body. because it is the only thing that belongs to us.

Latvian Ministry of Welfare supports the European Social Fund project “Support for Social Entrepreneurship” No.