Tickets for the performances can be purchased: online or at Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris (GIT) (Ģertrūdes Street 101a, courtyard house, 2nd floor). GIT box office is open on show days an hour before the performance.
IN CASE OF TECHNICAL PROBLEMS, for example you haven't received your tickets within an hour, please contact our ticket seller:
 +371 25440073 

Ticket reservation:     

Gift Cards

GIT gift cards can be purchased at the theatre box office and online. Gift cards may only be redeemed toward the purchase of GIT tickets. Gift cards can be redeemed both at the GIT box office and online. When purchasing tickets online, the gift card can only be used to cover the cost of tickets and the transaction fee must be paid using another payment method. The balance of the gift card can be redeemed in more than one purchase online and at the GIT box office. If the total sum for the purchase is higher than the gift card balance, the difference must be paid using another payment method. In case of loss or theft, the gift card will not be blocked and renewed and its balance will not be refunded.

Gift Card


Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris offers discounts for:
- pupils, full-time students,
- pensioners,
- ISIC and ITIC cardholders,
- persons with disabilities.

Discounted tickets can also be purchased by:
- "Goda ģimene" and "3+ Ģimenes karte" cardholders and "Šeimos kortelė" and "Perekaart" cardholders,
- “Turība” University graduate cardholders,
- members of the Choreographers’ Association,
- employees of the Latvian National Library and Riga Central Library, upon presentation of an employee ID card.


Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris offers a ticket discount for people with disabilities as well as a free ticket for their companion (this must be booked in advance by contacting the theatre at
Description of accessibility: the courtyard where the theatre is located has very uneven pavement. We recommend that people with mobility impairment arrive by car through the courtyard and the gate to the entrance of the building. There is a steep ramp at the entrance that requires assistance to ascend. The door of the building is heavy. There is an elevator in the building that can be used if the theatre is notified in advance. The theatre does not have a WC that is wheelchair accessible. Accessibility in the building is also limited by raised thresholds in doorways.
If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact the theatre’s administration at; 22 020 616.


We do not exchange purchased tickets and do not issue refunds, unless the event is cancelled or the place and / or time is changed.
Children’s tickets for performances intended for adult audiences must be purchased from the age of 7, and for children's performances – from the age of 3.
Discounts are valid upon presentation of the appropriate ID card.
Spectators will not be admitted to the hall after the start of the event!


Currently Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris produces 3-4 new productions per season, providing a regular monthly programme with more than 100 events each season. Our collaboration with artists is rooted in the belief in the quality of creativity and the crossing of borders – we support and encourage new impetus and ideas to help artists grow. Creativity which prioritises artistic quality is possible with the financial support provided to us by the state and other interested institutions, as well as private donors. By donating you can also support the creative work of artists and the creation of new performances!

Latvian Ministry of Welfare supports the European Social Fund project “Support for Social Entrepreneurship” No.