Ticket receiving

1. Performance tickets that have been paid for can be received:
• At the Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris box office (Ģertrūdes Street 101a, courtyard house, 2nd floor) on show days one hour before the start of the show, box office tel. 22020616, e-mail: git@git.lv;
• In PDF format, sent to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer when registering in the System; and in the section “My purchases” at www.git.lv  after logging in, if the Buyer wishes to print the ticket independently or present it electronically.
2. If the Buyer in the ticket sales system has chosen to receive the purchased tickets at the Event Organizer's box office, but for any reason has not claimed them in time (arriving at the GIT box office no later than half an hour before the event) and / or does not attend the event, then the money for the purchased tickets is not returned. Buyers are asked to meet the deadline to avoid being late to the event.
3. Tickets are issued at the box office upon presentation of an ID (passport, eID card or driving license). Tickets are issued only to the person who is registered as the Buyer for the respective purchase at www.git.lv  If the Buyer wants the tickets to be issued to a third party, then the Buyer must contact the Event Organizer and find out whether this is possible.
4. No later than one hour from the moment of purchase, the Buyer will be sent an e-ticket generated by the System to their e-mail. The ticket is available at www.git.lv  in the section “My purchases” after logging in and is sent to the e-mail specified by the Buyer as a PDF document. Upon arrival at the show, the e-ticket can be presented electronically or the Buyer may print the ticket, making sure that the ticket text and QR code are clearly legible and available for presentation before entering the show.
5. The copying and reselling of the e-ticket is prohibited!
6. In case the ticket is not successfully generated for the Buyer within an hour (not available in the section "My purchases" or received by e-mail in PDF format), the Buyer is asked to contact the Merchant by calling +371 25440073 or writing an e-mail to biletes@git.lv.

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