Your Ears Are Burnt

Your Ears Are Burnt

An audial sensory theatre performance

Directed by: Liena Šmukste
Performed by: Ieva Džindža, Jana Ļisova, Andis Strods, Liena Šmukste
Microphone operator, sound recording: Normunds Balodis
Audio environment backgrounds: Gustavs Lociks, Dirty Deal Audio
Story by: Anete Konste
Producer: Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris
Duration: 0:40
Premiere: 02/12/2020

After purchasing a ticket, the performance is available on the ĢIT website by clicking on the "View Online" button. A code is included on the ticket that must be entered as the ticket number. After purchasing a ticket, the code can be activated at any time. Once the code is activated the ticket is valid for 24 hours. Internet connection is required to listen to the show.

Created with the financial support of the State Culture Capital Foundation and in collaboration with Dirty Deal Audio.
Special thanks to The Latvian Theatre Union!

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The basis of sensory theatre is the activation of the spectator’s imagination and senses – hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight. Audio performance “Your Ears Are Burnt” focuses on hearing as the primary means of transmitting sensations. In a time when physical travel is not possible, the use of ASMR* and binaural** recording offers an opportunity to embark on an audial adventure.

We recommend listening to the performance in the evening in a quiet, calm place that is not brightly lit. To fully enjoy the world of sounds created by the artists, you must use headphones or earphones (it is important to use them correctly, according to the markings on your device identifying the left and right ear)! Switch off your phone, get comfortable, close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken on a journey of sound.

The main principle of sensory theatre is based on the recognition that the body is the first to receive sensory irritation and stimuli of emotional memory and associative experience, which are all only later processed by the brain. Director Liena Šmukste first started working in this genre while studying at the Latvian Academy of Culture. Her first sensory theatre performance “Book Mark” (2019) was also shown at Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris.

* The effect of ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is a calming, pleasant sensation, often manifested as a slight tingling in the base of the head / neck. In response to sensory stimulation, the tingling occurs in the head and spreads to the spine, sometimes to the extremities. The effect can be achieved through sound or visual stimulation. The most common audio ASMR techniques include various nature sounds (rain, wind), whispers, sounds created by liquids, textures, and others. ASMR soothes and relaxes, often helping to get rid of anxiety and insomnia.
** Two microphones are used to record 3D or binaural sound, so that the depth, height and breadth of the sound are acoustically felt, creating an effect of presence for the listener – as if they were in the middle of the sound and not in front of the sound source.

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