Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare

Director, light designer:
Andrejs Jarovojs
Set and costume designer: Sintija Jēkabsone
Julius Caesar: Ināra Slucka
Marcus Brutus: Edgars Samītis
Caius Cassius: Līga Zeļģe
Casca: Jānis Kronis
Mark Antony: Ivars Krasts
Soothsayer/ Messala: Emīls Krūmiņš
Metellus Cimber/ Aemilius Lepidus: Romāns Bargais
Portia/ Octavius Caesar: Dārta Daneviča
Producer: Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris
Duration: 2:10
Premiere: 18/08/2017

Production financially supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation. 

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In order to prevent Julius Caesar from becoming a dictator of Rome, the Senators conspire to kill him. However, instead of preserving the Republic, a civil war breaks out and the conspirators themselves perish. Rome becomes an Empire, controlled by Caesar’s adopted son Octavius.

Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” is a tragedy that reveals the bloody backstage of political passions, games of power and rhetoric, the relationship between the public and private image. A person, a live human being, when pulled into the cruel political apparatus, becomes a public figure, unknowingly moving away from all that is human.

We like to laugh and compare the parliament to theatre and politicians to actors. It is ironic that the historic assassination of Julius Caesar took place during a session of the Senate at the Theatre of Pompey. In his play Shakespeare has encoded a mechanism which reveals the political methods of public thought manipulation. Director Andrejs Jarovojs has created his production of “Julius Caesar” in the genre of documentary theatre. Let the political battle begin!

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