The Black Sperm

The Black Sperm

Director, stage, costumes: Vladislavs Nastavševs
Actors: Reinis Boters, Marija Linarte, Jana Ļisova, Āris Matesovičs, Kārlis Tols
Text: Sergejs Uhanovs (Сергей Уханов)
Translator: Pēteris Draguns
Lights: Jūlija Bondarenko
Producer: Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris
Duration: 2:00
Premiere: 13/11/2015

We do not recomend for people under 16!

The performance was financially supported by State Culture Capital Foundation. 

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“I was a very curious child and decided to use every chance that destiny offered me to explore people and their peculiarities, because every human is unique and one-of-a-kind, but life can be so interesting and sometimes so short." (Sergey Uhanov)

It is no coincidence that Vladislav Nastavshev has chosen to stage "The Black Sperm" – a collection of short stories, written by a Russian writer from his generation, Sergey Uhanov; in his previous productions the director has already embraced topics favoured by Uhanov. The short stories, whose main characters are extraordinary loners and outcasts, conjure up absurd, multi-layered and provocative scenes, in a manner that resembles Russian surrealist Daniil Kharms. Revealing naivety, tenderness, and sexuality, The Black Sperm speaks directly and even harshly about realities of life that aren’t always proper and politically correct, nevertheless the heroes of these stories don’t hide themselves and are not ashamed. These are stories about relationships, feelings and self-realization of young people growing up.

The performance is based on the following stories from the collection “The Black Sperm”: “The Black Sperm”, “Zirya”, “Sparrowcunt or You Need to Change”, “The Mad Woman”, “House of Gods”, “Peculiar Olga”, “Zhenechka Churayev”, “The Perfect Baby”.

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