I'm waiting...

I'm waiting...

a docufiction

Actors: Inga Alsiņa-Lasmane, Matīss Millers*, Jānis Skanis
Directors, dramaturgs: Roberts Dauburs, Katerina Parfirjeva (UA)
Set design, costumes: Līga Zepa
Music: Edgars Vilcāns
Lights: Niks Cipruss
Produced by: Ģertrūdes ielas teātris
Duration: 1:00
Premiere: 22/02/2023

Smoke is used during the performance!

* Latvian Puppet Theatre

Created with the financial support of the State Culture Capital Foundation.

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The performance is based on several people's experiences, which are intertwined into one story – about a woman from Liepāja, her son, who chose to serve in the army, and his stepfather, who has remained in war-torn Mariupol. The daily life of both seaside cities has been ruptured by war – in Mariupol buildings and people's lives are collapsing, while in Liepāja the arrival of spring is accompanied by an unrelenting anxiety and fear that the projectiles targeting the city thousands of kilometers away may hit their loved ones.

Latvian director Roberts Dauburs and Ukrainian director Katerina Parfiryeva met in April 2022 at the Ukrainian war refugee support center in Riga. Katerina – fleeing the war, and Roberts – wanting to help. The documentary fiction show "I'm waiting..." is a co-creation of the two young artists in search of answers to the questions: how to come to terms with the choices of your loved ones and not lose hope when it seems that you have no power over the situation? How to live with this experience and where to find strength to continue waiting – for an answered phone call, for the end of the war and for a reunion?

Latvian Ministry of Welfare supports the European Social Fund project “Support for Social Entrepreneurship” No.